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Why Join Safe Harbor

Get the Freedom to Build the Business You Want
And a Partner Who Can Help

We believe in providing you with the freedom to build your business on your terms. It’s simple: don't change what you're doing; instead, let's work together to build a better version of what you want. Contact us today, and let's see what we can build together.

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What Makes Up a Solid Foundation?

Independent But Supported

Being independent doesn’t mean you have to be alone. We provide a support system to ensure that you can focus on what you do best - building your business and helping your clients.

Mentoring Business Success

Our commitment to your success goes beyond support; we also offer mentorship. You can join a network that learns and shares knowledge so we can all be better equipped to serve our clients.

Support in Daily Operations

Running a practice comes with a host of daily challenges. That's why we offer organizational and business development assistance so you can focus on your clients and business growth.

Integrated Technical Solutions

Enjoy access to a comprehensive suite of integrated technical solutions, including products and services like ERISA Consulting, PRIME, MAA,  Advice Pay, market research from Cetera and more.

The Safe Harbor Impact

37 Advisors

*As of 2/15/2024

$1 Billion
Assets Managed

*As of 2/15/2024

25 Offices

*As of 2/15/2024

Safe Harbor: Guiding You to Find More Value

Safe Harbor: Guiding You to Find More Value

The heart of our company is a commitment to changing people’s lives. As former wirehouse advisors, we envisioned and built a financial planning boutique built on integrity, loyalty, respect, and teamwork.

We started small, but with a big mission: to serve clients in every aspect of their financial lives. Today, we not only help clients but also guide other advisors to find more value in their business and their service.


Join A Firm Who Can Make Your Job Easier

Join A Firm Who Can Make Your Job Easier

It doesn't take an entrepreneur to go independent. Safe Harbor offers tools, connections, and a single point of contact to make your transition to independence as easy as possible. We help make your job easier so you can focus more on building the practice you desire.